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Our Mission

To ignite the fire of passion for mission in the lives of fellow Adventist youth, equipping them to spark that flame in their churches, communities, conferences, countries, and the world.


Our Vision

For young people to see how God can work through them in a special way when they step out for Him in faith at AYM retreats, and then be inspired to work for God in their own communities.

Our Retreats

AYM retreats, held in various locations across the country, seek to provide youth with the experiences they need to be an influence in their local areas. This is done by providing a balance of physical, social, and spiritual activities. Our desire is that these retreats will inspire and ignite a fire for mission in the hearts of the attendees, resulting in an influence being spread far and wide as they, by a living witness, declare the love of Christ to the world around them.

Retreat activities include youth-led plenary meetings, physical activities (such as hiking and ice-skating), outreach, community service, Bible games, choir, and more. Our goal is that all facets of the retreats be led by youth, providing everyone an opportunity to do something for God and grow beyond the limits of their comfort zones.

Our Chapters

Retreats are organized and run by AYM Chapters, which are sub-ministries of AYM that have the same mission and vision but apply it practically to a specific geographical area. Learn more about AYM's Chapters by clicking their icons below.

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